Tamanna Roashan

Celebrity Makeup Artist & Instagram Superstar


I’m so excited and honored to be chosen to come to Toronto and be a part of such an empowering event celebrating those who have made a strong and positive impact on the global South Asian community. As an entrepreneur myself, I know what it takes, so I have so much respect for all of these power players, who are paving the way to a better future for generations to come. Can’t wait to meet everyone (and my amazing fans and supporters) as we celebrate ANOKHI MEDIA’s 15th anniversary!”


Meet Tamanna Roashan, the woman behind the globally acclaimed DressYourFace empire, and the #1 single most sought-after International Beauty Educator in the world. Coming from a family of musicians, writers, poets, painters and photographers, Tamanna Roashan was always surrounded in a world full of creativity and art of all mediums. It was only natural for her to explore and excel in anything related to art and creation including sketching, fashion design, DIY crafts, and more. In the perfect setting of California’s glamorous facade, she dove right in to the beauty industry and obtained her professional cosmetology license by age 18, as well as several certificates from the Makeup Institute for Advanced Makeup Techniques, Bridal Makeup, and Photography/Fashion Makeup, all while pursuing a BA in Marketing.

Immediately upon obtaining her credentials and launching her business name, “DressYourFace” started becoming the talk of the town. Landing gigs with nationally published magazines, fashion shows, high profile weddings, and international celebrities, Tamanna started to realize how widely her brand was spreading… not just because of her work and talent, but also because of her willingness to share all her exclusive beauty secrets with her followers. Student demand grew, and she began her career as an instructor teaching at her private home studio daily and touring the world to certify her students who wish to carry the DressYourFace name in the bridal industry. Thanks to social networking sites online, she was able to reach millions in her daily audience around the globe, and has quickly become one of the most recognized makeup artists and beauty instructors in the world!

With 13 years of professional experience in both hair and makeup artistry at the time and dominating the bridal industry, she had conquered all there was in her hometown and decided to pack up her business and permanently relocate to Los Angeles to achieve her biggest goal: To make her Hollywood debut in 2014.

Within just weeks of settling in, she was already creating buzz amongst Hollywood celebrities and agencies, and quickly started gaining exposure on the red carpet for events and award shows. Her lifelong dream was finally coming true. But her true passion remained… to continue to create for her audience and her students.

She used her global reach to brand her business as one of the most respected names in the industry, and started touring the world to teach sold-out Master Classes to certify hundreds of students at a time to spread her most requested signature teachings on a global level. She also began to collaborate on custom products with leading cosmetics and beauty labels to create products under her umbrella to fit the needs and demands of her clients and students. Little did she know how strongly her audience would react to these launches! Starting with the Anastasia Beverly Hills “Tamanna Palette” sold in all major department and cosmetic stores in record-breaking numbers nation wide and online, her brand literally shook the world of beauty. Following the launch of her palette, she branched out with professional hair styling tools, lashes, and even henna tattoos, all designed by her personally in collaboration with brands she trusted. Then, she broke the mold yet again.

By Fall of 2014, Tamanna launched the world’s first and #1 most subscribed-to Live Online Makeup & Hair School on DressYourFaceLIVE.com and changed the world of beauty education forever, bringing affordable top-tier education right to your home, 24 hours a day. Members from all over the globe, including professionals and beginners and even members who simply wanted to learn more about makeup for their own use, began to flock to her page to sign up to watch her live interactive weekly classes online and gain access the library of past recorded sessions for more study time. Students quickly coined the title of being a part of Tamanna’s “DYFL Army” as a prestigious group of people who have been trained online directly by her. With over 100,000+ past and present students worldwide and counting, Tamanna Roashan is now the #1 ranked makeup and hair artistry educator in the world, teaching more students as a single instructor than most beauty schools combined.

Today, she is not only a top beauty moghul, global social media influencer, and trusted product creator, she also has an upcoming glam furniture line known as “Dress Your Place” launching this year, and has even begun a brand new venture into Indian fashion with sold out original designs and many more collections to come, all while also being a full-time, hands-on, nursing mother to her 20 month old baby girl.



Courtesy of Tamanna Roashan