For the first time in the company’s history, ANOKHI MEDIA will be bringing together its entire portfolio of brands in The ANOKHI EMPOWER ME Campaign, to mark a 15-year milestone across our content, social, influencer, e-Marketing, and event platforms. We will be presenting a retrospective on key personalities from the South Asian community who’s contribution to global society over the same 15 years, has had a tremendously positive impact on industry and society, thus empowering current and future generations to strive for and accomplish a more inclusive and diverse future of change makers.


“We decided to mark this 15-year milestone by honouring the community that we have built, serve, and advocate for, by telling the story of our diaspora that has risen from obscurity to centre-stage during ANOKHI’s tenure.

As such, for the first time in our history, we will be bringing together our entire portfolio of brands with the launch of The ANOKHI EMPOWER ME Campaign, so as to present a 15-year retrospective on some of the key South Asian personalities in Business, Technology, Politics, Crusader(ship), Media, Entertainment, Glamour, and Sports, who have built a trajectory for themselves and through so doing, have managed to empower their community, society, and the world!

We will tell their stories through The ANOKHI POWER List 2018 (launching on Thursday October 4th online). They will share their truths during a networking event called The ANOKHI POWER Summit 2018 (taking place on Saturday November 3rd, 2018 from 9.00am to 5.30pm). And we will celebrate together during The ANOKHI POWER Ball 2018 (taking place on Saturday November 3rd, 2018, from 9.00pm to 1.00am).” 

~ Founder, President, and CEO, Raj Girn


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