Niam Kumar Jain



“I am happy” ~ Niam Kumar Jain

“I’m so proud to hear that Niam has been named to the ANOKHI List. I had the pleasure of getting to know him well through our Samsung Look at Me Project, where we work to connect and support families living with autism through the power of technology. Niam’s positive attitude, love for his family and passion for his artwork make him an exceptionally inspiring young man. He is a role model and a reminder to each of us to always strive to reach our full potential.”

~ Mark Childs, Chief Brand Officer, Samsung Electronics Canada


With a canvas and a paintbrush, Niam Kumar Jain has shown the world that people with disabilities can accomplish anything.

Toronto-born Jain was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, a social communication disorder, at the age of two. In the summer of 2015, Jain started painting by accident when his family plans got cancelled and his mom introduced him to the activity. Since then, Jain has immersed himself into painting thus developing a passion and outlet for his creative expressions.

Running out of wall space in their home, his mother, Nina Jain, started posting her son’s work on social media, not knowing how quickly her son’s artwork would sell. At the age of 13, Jain was recognized by art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide, who were offering thousands of dollars to acquire his work. His bright, abstract art has left his buyers in awe as Jain paints in layers, a skill often seen only in seasoned artists.

Although Jain still has very limited speech, he communicates through his art, and his paintings have given a voice to the autism community. By 2016, his artwork had been featured in galleries and exhibitions throughout Canada, his story had been told on Canadian national news outlets including CTV and CBC, and he has been featured in Samsung’s Look at Me App campaign in Canada.

Currently, Jain is working to create his own line of skin care, purses and clothing that are all eco-friendly. Nina is also scouting locations for a permanent gallery to exhibit Jain’s work as well as provide an artistic environment for children with disabilities.

Teen with Autism Becomes Art Sensation